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Model: Chameleon

Material: Rubberwood

Available sizes: single, double, queen, king

Accessories: Rooling storage drawers, Optional Footboard Panel, Folding Footboard Bench, Trundle Bed

Rubberwood logs are harvested from rubber plantations which are managed through systematic planting and replanting programmes (usually on a 25-year rotation). The trees are fallen when their life-span for latex production is no longer economic and replanting is necessary. In this respect, rubberwood products are environmentally friendly.

Change your mood, change your style.

Or... you can change your style and change your mood. It works both ways. We've got a little bit of Chameleon magic going here and it's easy and fun. This handsome and versatile model has now been tweaked in your favor. Right out of the box we give you a ready-to-use upholstered panel, covered in a tan suede-soft micro-fiber. Use it as it comes or wrap it in the decorator fabric of your choice.

The Chameleon's upholstered panels are removable and are designed to allow EASY RECOVERING with the FABRIC of YOUR CHOICE. Create a bit of harmony between the bedding and the bed.