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Product description:

A revolutionary ( 1-1/2 in.) layer of Soy foam on top of 19.1 cm (6.0 in.) of premium with re-enforced centre third support 800 Individual Pocket Coil System innerspring creates a luxurious Yet Very plush supporting Mattress.for a better night's sleep. This new mattress is designed to provide enhanced responsiveness and unsurpassed comfort that keep you sleeping at a comfortable temperature all night long. Enjoy a deep sleep because NASAFOAM ® is never too warm; it's always just right.


Overall mattress thickness: (11 in.); Top layer of mattress: 6.4 cm (1. in.) of NASAFOAM ® temperature neutral, premium-quality Soy foam; Base layer of mattress: 19.1 cm (6.0 in.); 800 Pocket coil Innerspring System; Flame-retardant smooth luxurious Double Jersey cover; 100% hypoallergenic foam; CFC-free; Durable and long-lasting; Moulds to your body; returns to original shape after use; Relieves pressure points and improves circulation; Great for platform beds and slatted frames; Soy Foam made in CANADA


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