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Washable fabric Amara.

Aqua Clean Technology: Revolutionary fabric treatment Aqua Clean Technology remove stains from ketchup, oil, milk, cofee or even pen with water only. No detergents necessary. Great for the environment! Because of Aqua Clean Technology the cleaning process is short and very efficient. This helps to maintain the fabric and extend the life of your sofa.

Cleaning & Maintenance

1. Remove any excess of the product spilt on the upholstery.

2. Apply water to the stain, either directly or using a damp paper tissue or absorbent cloth. Do not make the fabric too wet. Wait a few seconds.

3. Press on the stain with the cloth or paper tissue, and then rub the fabric gently with circular movements. If the stain does not disappear completely, repeat the process as often as necessary.

It is advisable to vacuum the upholstery regulary. Mashine washable. Soft program. Maximum 30C.

Composition: 55 % polyester, 45% cotton

Made in Green: Respect for the environment. Free from harmful substances. Respect for human rights.